Blake and kidsBlake and kids

Episode 8

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

With the surf camp for fat boys on hold, Blake hangs out with Kareena's kids. After he puts them to sleep, Ashley, an old friend and Mucca Mad Boy, comes to pay a visit. Ashley's just gotten out of prison for dealing drugs (Blake insists he was set up) and wants to catch up. He can't understand why Blake didn't retaliate for Packo shooting him. Ashley asks to borrow Blake's van, and over Kareena's protests, he agrees. Later that night, Blake is arrested, Packo's been shot and Blake's van was seen leaving the scene.

Gran prepares the boys for family day. When their families arrive, the boys perform a choreographed dance to S.mouse's "Slap My Elbow." Gran notices Talib sitting alone during the song and encourages him to join the other boys. His mom didn't show up, and later in the yard, he tells her that it's because she hates him. Gran tells him that it couldn't possibly be true. She reveals a secret of her own that nobody but Penny knows: Gran has Alzheimer's disease.

Daniel is jealous of Nathan's easy way with women. There's a girl he likes at the local video store, Chloe, and Daniel and his boys go to pay a visit. His plan to impress her--renting a porn movie and asking if she wants to be in it with him--backfires and they retreat back to his house. Daniel calls her, pretending to be Nathan, and asks her out. She says yes, and Daniel shows up at the video store in Nathan's clothing. Chloe's on to his scheme and tells him to "piss off." Tired of getting rejected by attractive girls, they stop by to talk to the "feral chicks" instead. On the way back, they see Nathan walking arm-in-arm with a good-looking girl and make him get in the car.