Episode 7

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

Tim has been slipping in his school work and at skating tournaments. He has a lot of upcoming projects--a cartoon show, performing at the Japanese X-Games--so Jen wants to make sure he's at his best. She takes him to a doctor who diagnoses him with depression. To offer him relief, she does the voice for his cartoon herself and gets him a dog--but it's mostly for marketing purposes. Jen keeps Tim from skateboarding and hanging out with his friends so that he can focus on relaxing, but she doesn't realize that she is the cause of his stress.

S.mouse is forced to do community service at a local school because of the domestic incident with Lasquisha. The young students don't respond well to his profanity-laced new material, and S.mouse is worried that the public is forgetting about him. Despite his house arrest, he goes to the mall, along with Danthony and Lasquisha, to see if he gets mobbed. A few young women recognize him and another asks if he's from High School Musical. After being outfitted with an electronic shock device for violating his house arrest, S.mouse refocuses on his music, and prepares what he's hoping will be his next hit song, "Whack My Knee."

After Daniel teaches Steve's three-year-old son to call his dad gay, Daniel's mom tells him she doesn't like how often he uses homophobic slurs. When he tells her, "Mom, this toast is faggy," she finally snaps at him and threatens to make him spend the day with Henry, a local gay teenager. Though Daniel's reluctant to hang out with Henry at first, he comes around when he finds out that they like the same things, that Henry's good at video games, and most important, is friends with the girls he likes..