blake and fat kidblake and fat kid

Episode 6

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

Nathan and Daniel's mom goes on holiday with her boyfriend Steve, leaving Daniel in charge. Daniel throws a huge party, inviting everyone from Dunt. The teens are enjoying themselves-especially the younger Sims children, drinking beer under Daniel's lax supervision-except for Nathan. He gets stuck twice, first with his entire body in a beanbag chair, then with his arm up a drainpipe. Daniel's forced to call his mom, so Steve can saw off the pipe. The family is gathered in the kitchen for an announcement: Steve is going to marry their mom. Everyone celebrates, but Daniel is clearly unhappy. "If my dad were around he'd kick Steve's ass," he says, holding back tears. "My dad was a legend; Steve is a gaylord."

Tired of seeing him doing nothing, Blake's wife Kareena encourages him to do something. Along with Hunter, he starts a surfing school for fat boys. When one of the kids, Julian, stands up on his board in the water, all of the others pile on him in celebration at Blake's urging. Julian is hurt and ends up in the hospital with his ribs broken. That night, the boys tell their instructor they don't want to surf anymore. Blake feels like less of a man and asks Kareena if she wants him to get his damaged balls repaired.

Gran does her best to get Talib (the boy the others call "dog-wanker") more involved. She puts him on guinea pig duty with some of the more popular boys, but she realizes that it was a bad idea when she remembers that he's sexually attracted to animals. The prison puts on a program to scare young boys away from crime, so Gran and the boys create a show to make the place seem a lot scarier than it is. While all of the other boys are playing along, marching in a circle in the yard with a ball and chain, Talib is off on the side, riding a scooter, which ruins the effect. Finally fed up, Gran lashes out at him and gets disciplined for it. She comes by to apologize, and for the first time, the boy actually responds.