nathan water towernathan water tower

Episode 5

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

Nathan enjoys taking the piss out of Daniel-literally. He lures his brother to look for him outside and then urinates on him from the roof. His mom thinks that Nathan is acting out because he's worried about going off to a school for the deaf, so she arranges for him to spend time with another deaf child. Daniel plots his revenge, relieving himself into a bottle and trying to get Nathan to drink it. Nathan gets wise to his plan and pours it out all over Daniel's bed.

S.mouse has been dropped by his record label and forced to change his name to S.mouse! He sets up a recording studio in his parents' living room and lays down some tracks with Danthony for his independent album, "The Real Me." His girlfriend Lasquisha wants to duet with S.mouse on "My Big Black Balls," but he doesn't think she's good enough-plus he's been saving that song for Rhianna. After Lasquisha accuses him of assaulting her, S.mouse has her sing, then gets Danthony to clean up her vocals in post-production.

Jen Okazaki pushes her skateboarding son Tim harder and harder. She homeschools him and trains him in the ancient Japanese training "fart method." When she catches her supposedly gay son chatting with girls online (she has a security camera in his bedroom), Jen destroys Tim's phone in the garbage disposal. Tim grows increasingly despondent and barely reacts to the news that he's just been signed to a major endorsement deal for Ooshi Cola.