blake and guysblake and guys

Episode 4

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

After the model Emily Chase drops out of Nathan's goodbye party, Daniel asks his brother whom he would like to replace her. Nathan chooses Tim Okazaki, a Japanese teenage phenom skateboarder. Tim, who was actually born in America, was instructed by his mother and manager, Jen, to speak with a Japanese accent in order to broaden his fan-base in Japan. Jen has pushed hard for Tim to be the best since he was a young child. "I told Tim if he did not succeed at skateboarding, then I would kill myself," she recalls. She also decided that her son was gay and encouraged him to use the catchphrase "Skateboarding, gay style." Despite the fact that Tim isn't gay, the global media ran with the story, and Jen has made him the face of merchandise company Gay Style Enterprises.

At Narmucca Bay, Blake prepares to spend the day doing initiations for new members of the Mucca Mad Boys, when he's issued a challenge from the Fennel Hell Men in the form of graffiti that reads, "Blake Oakfield has no c**k." As the two sides prepare to fight, Blake's wife Kareena intervenes and demands her 38-year-old husband get in the car with her.