Blake waxing surfboardBlake waxing surfboard

Episode 3

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

As Nathan prepares to leave for a boarding school for the deaf, Daniel makes plans to send him in style. He wants to throw a party and invite the legends: surfer Blake Oakfield, rapper S.mouse, and model Emily Chase.

Oakfield is a former champion surfer from Narmucca Bay. He recalls his early days surfing in the '80s, when he and his gang, the Mucca Mad Boys, used to battle with the kids from Fennel Heads. When Blake was around 24, in a brawl between the Mucca Mad Boys and the rival Fennel Hell Men, Blake was shot in the groin and as he recalls, "my balls were so shattered by the bullet that they had to amputate"-a fact he demonstrates by having his mates kick him as hard as they like between his legs. In his last surfing outing, Blake was bitten on the leg by a dolphin and decided to take a break from the sport. He and his friends, now well into their 30s, still hang around the bay, causing trouble-much to the dismay of the town's residents. Blake's pregnant wife Kareena wants Blake to return to surfing as a part of a legends' tour to support the family.

Another legend, S.mouse, is still under house arrest for vandalizing an LAPD police car while shooting his viral video "Poo on You." He relaxes at home with his best friend Danthony and girlfriend of convenience Laquisha, of whom he says, "We make love, but we're not in love." Unhappy with the music that his label Jump Roc has provided him, he records his own track, "Grandmother F**ker," and uploads it to his website. Not long after, S.mouse gets a call from Jump Roc; they're dropping him from the label.