Gran cagesGran cages

Episode 2

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

S.mouse is a young black rapper from Calabasas, California. His street thug image is at odds with his comfortable upbringing-his father recounts the days when young Shwayne (S.mouse's real name) went to private school, sang gospel and begged his father for the Wicked soundtrack. S.mouse's contract with Jump Roc records forbids him from using profanity in his music, and his clean-cut track "Slap My Elbow" is a massive hit. Feeling restrained, S.mouse steps out on his own, and his video for "Poo on You" goes viral. Jump Roc makes him issue an apology and a warning to young fans, but when the LAPD sees the footage of him performing the song's title act on a police car, he's forced to spend the next two months under house arrest.

After listening to "Poo on You," Nathan follows his idol's lead. The local police pay a visit to Nathan's family and he's forbidden to listen to rap music. The family considers sending him to a school for the deaf in Adelaide, which causes Daniel to act out.

Gran receives a new inmate at Garingal. Tyler has a history of sexual offenses against animals, among other crimes, and Gran tries to help him fit in among the other boys. Despite her efforts, juvenile detention is tough on the boy the other's have named "dog wanker."