smouse posesmouse pose

Episode 10

Written by Chris Lilley
Directed by Chris Lilley, Stuart McDonald and Jeffrey Walker

In the Sims house, it's the day of the wedding, and even Daniel is on his best behavior. He's already received RSVPs for Nathan's good-bye party from Tim Okazaki and Blake Oakfield, and he hatches a scheme to get S.mouse to come. They write to him that a small aborigine child was crushed by a truck in Dunt, and a visit from him would help the town heal. At his mother's wedding, Nathan is the best man, and delivers the rings from his two pointed middle fingers. Daniel gives a toast, in which he begrudgingly accepts Steve's place in his family. Then he freestyle beatboxes--"Wedding. Wedding. Where is this heading?"--while his mates perform low rent stunts, from BMX to parkour.

Gran's prized guinea pig, Kerri-Anne, is discovered dead. The other boys think Talib is responsible, given his history of animal abuse. They tease him mercilessly, until he snaps and attacks Marlon, one of the popular boys. His violent outburst lands him two days in isolation, in a cell next to another troubled boy, Justin. Gran tries to keep them entertained with stories and jokes, and even brings them extra blankets. Justin uses the extra blanket to try to kill himself, and Gran's judgment is questioned. She's brought in to the supervisor, heartbroken.

S.mouse prepares for the launch of his new album, "The Real Me," which he thinks "will be bigger than when Jesus got born." In a photo shoot for the album cover, he tries on different outfits. While S.mouse lounges in a shirtless pose by the pool, a helicopter flies overhead. Later, he finds out that it was the paparazzi, and an unflattering picture of him makes the online rounds along with jokes about his weight. Lasquisha dumps him, because she doesn't want to be associated with someone who's regarded as fat. S.mouse has Danthony read him positive messages from his fans, and S.mouse is struck by the tale of a small aborigine boy, who's been hit by a truck in an Australian town called Dunt.