Dashboard FAQs

What is the dashboard?

Your HBO.com dashboard allows you to collect your favorite videos and discussions from across the site, and stay on top of your favorite HBO programs. Just click your display name in the upper right corner of the site to access your dashboard.

How do I access my dashboard?

Your HBO.com dashboard is always accessible in the upper right corner of all site pages. Just sign-in and click your display name for access to your favorite videos, discussions and programs.

How do I add content to my dashboard?

To add a video or discussion to your dashboard, just click the Add button. If you don't see Add, you may need to click the title of the Discussion or play the Video in order to reach the dedicated page for that item. Program Preferences allow you to indicate which HBO programs you are most interested in. Your selections will appear in Your Programs on your dashboard. To access Program Preferences, select Programs from your dashboard.

How do I remove content from my dashboard?

To remove Videos or Discussions from your dashboard, simply hover over the item you would like to remove and click Remove. To prevent certain programs from showing in Your Programs, select Programs from your dashboard and update your preferences.

What is the Your Programs section of the dashboard and how do I set it up?

Choose Programs from the Dashboard and select your favorite program. HBO will use your selections to deliver you the latest content from your favorite HBO series, movies, comedy or sports event right to your dashboard. You'll also be able to filter the schedule based on the selected programs by selecting the "My Programs" filter from the schedule.

I added a piece of content and it's no longer in my dashboard, why?

Certain video may expire from HBO.com after a period of time, that video will automatically disappear from your dashboard at that time.