Community FAQs

What are the types of activities that I can participate in the community?

When you become a member of the community, you will be able to interact with other HBO participants by creating and participating in discussions, liking content and commenting on all that HBO has to offer.

What are the voice levels (e.g Fresh Voice, Active Voice)?

Every user has a voice, and your voice level represents how active you are in the community. You'll start as a Fresh Voice. Get involved and graduate to an Active Voice. Prove wit, knowledge and know-how to be promoted to an Established, Distinguished or the ultimate Expert Voice.

How do I upgrade my voice level from Fresh to Active or Active to Established Voice?

Graduating from Fresh to Active or Active to Established and beyond is a measure of not just the length of your membership, but quantity and quality of your overall participation in the community as well.

What are the community standards and guidelines?

The Community Standards are the behavioral guidelines for which the HBO community is managed. The legal version of these rules are also included in the HBO Terms of Service.

How are ratings calculated?

Ratings are calculated as users promote or demote content using the + and - buttons.

How do I create a discussion?

To create a discussion, first navigate to the forum you would like to contribute to. You may do this by accessing Talk from the bottom toolbar navigation of any page or by selecting Talk from the top navigation. Once you've selected a Forum, click Create New Topic. Within the overlay that appears, enter a subject and description for your discussion and click Post.

How do I edit a discussion?

Click on Options in the post and choose Edit Message.

Why has my comment or discussion been removed from the site?

If your comment or discussion has been removed from the site, it is likely that it is in violation of our Terms of Service and/or Community Standards. If you feel that your content has been removed erroneously, you may email

How can I find community content that I'm interested in?

To find community content that you are interested in, simply type the title or keywords in the Search field located on the left hand side of the page in the Community.

Can I save my favorite threads?

Yes. You can save your favorite Forum or Topic by clicking on the forum title (or topic) and clicking the Options menu to the right of the title, then click Bookmark.

How do I report abuse on a piece of content or with a user? What happens when I report abuse (or flag)?

To flag inappropriate content for review, just click the Report Abuse link located on the right side of the topic/post you wish to flag. Once reported, HBO administrators will review the content and determine if it should be removed.

Why did my post appear on the site home page?

If your post appeared on a home page or other promotional placement, congratulations! HBO felt your contribution was exceptional and chose to highlight it.

How do I contact the community manager?

Want to suggest a way to improve the community experience? You can contact the Community Manager by clicking on the user name and then clicking "Send this user a private message" located under the Contact Me header on the left hand side of the desired profile.

How do I contact the site administrator?

You can reach the site administrator by emailing

There is a feature in the previous Community that is no longer available. What do I do?

While there are many new features available in the redesigned Community, some features from the old site were retired. If there's a feature that you really can't live without, let us know by emailing us at:

How do I add a comment to a discussion?

To add a comment to a discussion, click on either Reply or Quick Reply directly beneath the comment or discussion in which you wish to add your comment. Reply allows users to create and preview their comments using HTML and the spell check feature, whereas Quick Reply allows users to respond to comments inline, without having to open an additional window.

Why is my account suspended?

If your account has been suspended, it is most likely because you have violated our Terms of Service and/or Community Standards. You should have received an email stating the reason for the suspension. If you feel your account has been suspended erroneously, please email

Why is content from the previous Community no longer available?

While we value the contributions all Community users have made over the years, in an effort to highlight only the most relevant and up-to-date content, we only brought over the last 12 months of data.