HBO On Demand

What is HBO On Demand?

With HBO On Demand you can start watching your favorite HBO shows whenever you want with the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind. HBO On Demand subscribers get unlimited viewing. There is no charge per show, so using HBO On Demand is easy to use, fun and a great value.

HBO On Demand gives you access to 150 hours of the best HBO series, movies, sports and specials around, and it's always on your schedule. Watch what you want, when you want. It's HBO. Anytime.

To find out more about HBO on Demand visit the HBO on Demand website or review the FAQs below.

What's on it?

HBO On Demand allows you to choose from over 150 hours of the best HBO programs, including: HBO original programming, top Hollywood movies, exclusive specials like World Championship Boxing and Real Sports, and of course lots of great kids programming. It's the best of what's currently on HBO, plus episodes of programming from past seasons. New programming is available every Monday, so there is always something different to watch. See What's On for a current schedule.

How do I use it?

HBO On Demand is easy to use. With a click of a button on your remote control, you can make selections and choices from on-screen menus. If you are an HBO digital subscriber, no extra equipment or installation is required.

How does it work?

It's simple. You use your remote control to make selections and choices from easy-to-use on-screen menus.

I already have HBO, why would I want HBO On Demand?

If you like HBO, you'll love HBO On Demand. You get the same great programming and more with a whole new level of convenience and control. HBO On Demand allows you to watch what you want, exactly when you want to watch it.

When will HBO On Demand be coming to my area?

HBO On Demand may already be available in you area. You can check by calling your TV provider or by visiting our Get HBO On Demand page.

Can I get HBO On Demand if I don't have HBO?

No. HBO On Demand is exclusively for HBO subscribers

How much does HBO On Demand cost?

Cost varies depending on your TV provider. Call your TV provider for specific questions about pricing and packaging.

Is HBO On Demand available to satellite customers?

Currently, HBO On Demand is not available to satellite customers

What programs are on HBO On Demand?

Check out See What's On to find a full list of programs currently available on HBO On Demand. HBO On Demand offers you over 150 hours of programming each week, with new shows added every Monday, so there is always something new to watch. There are over 50 hit movies available at any given time and over 20 children's titles per month. Over 60% of the programming is HBO Original Programming, which includes series like "Entourage," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Sopranos," and "Sex and the City," and specials like "World Championship Boxing" and "Real Sports." If you missed the most current Sunday night series episodes or the "Saturday Night Premiere" movie, you can catch them Monday on HBO On Demand.

How often are the programs changed?

A new HBO On Demand program selection is offered every Monday. Most programs are available for viewing for one month.

Is everything on HBO available on HBO On Demand?

Not quite everything, but all the best. You always have access to an astounding 150 plus hours of programming, including the most current episodes of HBO original programs and blockbuster movies. See a full listing by visiting See What's On.

What's on HBO that's not on HBO On Demand?

A sampling of almost everything that's on HBO will be available through HBO On Demand, including Series, Specials and Hit Movies. And, any given month, there's lots of programming on HBO On Demand that's not on "regular" HBO - such as past seasons of The Sopranos and other original series. See a full listing by visiting See What's On.

How extensive is the children's programming on HBO On Demand?

HBO On Demand programming always includes a wide selection of children's titles. See what's on for Kids now.

Can I watch my HBO On Demand when I am at someone else's house or away on vacation?

HBO On Demand is subscriber specific, so you can only watch at someone else's house if they subscribe. If not, you can watch everything you missed just as soon as you get home.

Can parents "lock out" HBO On Demand?

Yes. Subscribers have the option of blocking HBO On Demand programs.

During what hours of the day is HBO On Demand available?

You can watch any of the programs available on HBO On Demand at any time, day or night. HBO On Demand puts you in control.

What's the delay between pushing the button to request a program and being able to watch it?

Once you select to view a program, there's very little delay. It's almost immediate.

Who should I call if I'm having problems with my HBO On Demand?

For questions or inquiries about HBO and HBO On Demand programming, please contact your television provider.