HBO Latino

What is HBO Latino?

HBO Latino adds our own 'flavor' to HBO's excellent programming with a collection of top-notch shows... in your own language! Because a little bit of you wants more, HBO Latino offers a variety of unmatched programming options that present a multitude of possibilities: the biggest Hollywood box office hits in Spanish, Estrenos Latinos -- critically acclaimed movies in Spanish, like Amores Perros, thought-provoking series like Capadocia, original programming like Celebrity Habla, the latest in boxing, original series, music specials and programs for the whole family. Additionally, on HBO Latino you will find shows about the Latino lifestyle (of Latino communities) around the country, showcasing stories about Hispanic culture, celebrities and much more. HBO Latino's promise is to offer first rate Spanish language programming and capture the diversity and variety of the Latino culture. Tune into HBO Latino and enjoy the most exciting and first-rate programming on television. (And) if you're expecting to see only the best on TV, then a little bit of you wants HBO Latino!

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