Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage + Wigzard of Oz

Shyama Golden's paintings explore the complex ways identity is experienced, performed, and reinforced. Her subjects are a combination of real and imagined people, with masks and animals often functioning as metaphors for human social dynamics.‌‌

Appears on I Wish

‌Grace Lynne Haynes is a painter and designer whose work centers on the modern day African American woman. She strives to explore the intersections between culture, color, femininity, and the African diaspora at large.

Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage + Friendtervention

Terrisha Kearse is a photographer who enjoys telling stories that embrace humanity's inner worlds, capturing moments of joy and melancholy, distress and dignity, with a compassion for the external factors that often obscure our view of each other as well as ourselves.
‌Instagram: @atkvision

Appears on I Wish + The Girl Who Cried Vintage

‌Dorcas Magbadelo is an illustrator, artist, and product designer who’s passionate about representing ‌and uplifting Black people, specifically Black women, through illustration. Her work features bold colors and pattern-work that references her Nigerian heritage.

Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage

‌‌Krystle Collins is the owner and creator of Create The Culture Embroidery, a brand‌ that offers a modern take on embroidery by incorporating trendy and relatable designs that provide a visual narrative surrounding not only history and tradition but also their influences in present day society.

‌Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage

Vashti Harrison is an artist, author, and filmmaker whose artwork is rooted in Caribbean heritage and folklore. With a passion for storytelling, she uses her love of art and filmmaking to craft beautiful stories for children.‌

‌Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage + Insomnia

‌Ana Hinojosa is a Dominican comic artist and illustrator whose work focuses on marginalized ‌voices within the Latinx community, including Afro-Latinos and LGBTQ+ ‌people. She enjoys creating a space within the comics world where people like her ‌can explore, flourish, and ‌possibly fight monsters or the demons within themselves.

Appears on Insomnia

‌‌Chioma Ebinama is a Nigerian-American artist interested in how animism, mythology, and precolonial philosophies present a space to articulate a vision of freedom outside of Western social and political paradigms. Her practice is centered around work on paper and  has collaborated with ‌local artists to make sculptures and wearable art.

‌Appears on Insomnia

‌Hadiya Williams owns mix-media art and design studio, Black Pepper Paperie Co. The company focuses on creating globally-inspired handcrafted pieces rooted in memory and cultural influence from across the African diaspora.

Appears on Get Your Life

Courtney Alexander’s Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot uses tarot as an avenue to visually explore the rich and complex layers of Blackness. The body of work highlights the intersections of Black identity while featuring historical facts, traditions, symbolism, and icons throughout the Black diaspora.

Lillie's of Charleston
‌Appears on Single Serving

‌Flawless by Gabrielle Union
Appears on Wigzard of Oz
‌Appears on The Girl Who Cried Vintage‌

S‌ymphony Chips‌
‌Appears on Interstitial Warehouse‌‌
Pattern Beauty
‌‌Appears on Wigzard of Oz‌

O‌h-Mazing Food
‌Appears on Interstitial Warehouse
‌Appears on Wigzard of Oz

A Dozen Cousins

‌Appears on Interstitial Warehouse
‌Appears on Wigzard of Oz

‌Appears on Wigzard of Oz

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