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A Black Lady Sketch Show: Influencer Endorsements

Once HBO was aware of the breadth of social-savvy talent that would be making appearances on the first season of A Black Lady Sketch Show (ABLSS), we knew we had to leverage their social influence in a big way. The talent on ABLSS’ cumulative, cross-platform following totaled well over 70MM followers, and was critical to driving awareness for the show and sparking conversation.

With that in mind, we armed series regulars and guest stars alike with custom, tune-in-driving pre-air assets and followed up with full sketches and other assets for amplification post-air each week on their personal social accounts. Their support drove over 50% of the engagement we received on key asset releases (teaser, trailer, and key art) pre-premiere and continued to drive huge reach week over week on social in-season.

Guest appearances on A Black Lady Sketch Show included prominent black entertainers, including Laverne Cox, Lena Waithe, Patti LaBelle, Kelly Rowland, Jackee Harry, Bob the Drag Queen, and many, many more.