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A Black Lady Sketch Show: Season 1 Campaign

In preparation for the Season 1 premiere of A Black Lady Sketch Show – the first sketch comedy series written by, directed by, and star black women – HBO launched dedicated social media accounts for the show across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in tandem with the release of the series’ poster. A week later, HBO rallied the breadth of talent featured in the trailer to support its release, making an ever bigger splash on the three platforms as well as YouTube: in its first 24 hours post-release, the trailer garnered over 2.5MM organic views on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube alone.

The series’ in-season strategy centered around the release of three favorite full sketches each week following Fridays’ new episodes and creating additional, bespoke content for the social platforms to further engage fans. Viewers showed up week over week in anticipation of the release of the sketches, and took each release as an opportunity to tag friends and discuss each sketch. HBO ensured diverse points of views were reflected in its social media strategy to reflect the diverse topics explored show using GIFS, custom art, and video content that resonated with fans to continue to drive awareness and conversation.

Releasing clips and full sketches across platforms drove over 24.8MM organic views and 1.2MM engagements across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube throughout the season.

Top 3 Performing Sketches Across Platforms

"No Makeup" had over 4.7MM views across platforms.

"Hertep Homecoming" had over 3.3MM views across platforms.

"On My Own (Patti LaBelle)" had over 3MM views across platforms.

Recognizable Guests

Each episode of A Black Lady Sketch Show featured guest appearances by prominent black entertainers, many of whom promoted the show across their own social profiles to drive tune-in, extend reach to their fans, and drive chatter about the series and its sketches.

Influential Fans

Fans and influencers alike couldn’t get enough of the show’s leading ladies: