The Resource Curse

Correspondent: Vikram Gandhi

As humanity's appetite for energy grows exponentially, the global extraction industry scrambles toward some of the most remote regions on Earth to satisfy our demands. Exxon Mobil has staked its claim in the small Melanesian country of Papua New Guinea, where the American corporation is developing a $19 billion liquid natural gas project expected to start production in late 2014. While some see Exxon's mammoth presence as the force that will usher the underdeveloped country into the 21st century, many fear it could plunge into civil war. Vikram Gandhi went to Papua New Guinea to investigate for himself. 

Deliver Us From Drought

Correspondent: Thomas Morton

Texas has been experiencing the worst drought in its recorded history for the past three years. 97% of the scientific community agrees: climate change is happening because of human activity, and it's causing extreme weather around the world. But many Texan legislators, community leaders, and citizens don't attribute the state's drought-which has devastated agriculture and lost thousands of jobs-to climate change, and have taken no initiative to change their title as the state with most CO2 emissions in the country. Thomas Morton went to Texas to witness the climate catastrophe, and discover firsthand the local responses.

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