Afghan Money Pit

Correspondent: Shane Smith

The U.S. has spent $93 billion on reconstruction projects in Afghanistan since invading the country in 2001. It is the most costly rebuilding of a single country in history. It is also the most wasteful and most fraudulent use of American tax dollars of all time. John Sopko is the man responsible for investigating this clusterfuck, a job that entails pissing off everyone from the president of Afghanistan to American four-star generals. VICE travels to Kabul and beyond to take a tour of American money going down the drain -- from the comical to the deadly -- with the Special Investigator for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

The Pacification of Rio

Correspondent: Ben Anderson

As Rio rebrands itself for the World Cup and the Olympics, the state's "social insecticide" is in full force, and it's called the Special Police Operations Battalion, or the BOPE.  Brazil has them to thank for cutting the murder rate in half in just six years, but that statistic is achieved by incredibly sinister means:  murder, kidnapping, and a bogus crime rate. 

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