Sue Wilson

played by Sufe Bradshaw


"The Vice President may forget but I hold a grudge."

Sue coordinates the Vice President's diary, scheduling all her meetings and visits. She also acts as the Vice President's "gatekeeper." As she puts it: "The Vice President is the second most important person in the world. I arrange for you to see her. So, in my eyes, that makes me the third most important person in the world. So you better be nice to me. Or you won't get to see her. And if you do get to see her, you better be nice to her. Or you won't get to see her again. The Vice President may forget but I hold a grudge. And my grudges are nasty." Her straight-talking, no-nonsense approach has won her many admirers.

Sufe Bradshaw

Chicago native Sufe Bradshaw was born into a family of nine siblings, learning early on the value of hard work and dedication from her Sicilian dad and her mother of Ghanain roots. She began her acting odyssey at the Los Angeles City Theatre Academy, where she earned a degree in Theatre. Soon after her intensive study at The Academy, she went on to train with Ben Guillory at The Robey Theatre, as well as Lee Strasberg's prestigious Actor's Studio, moderated by Martin Landau. Bradshaw continued to refine her craft with The Meisner Technique, along with intensive sessions in cold reading with Jimmy DiStefano, Allan Miller's rehearsal workshop, and Wallace Audition Techniques.

Bradshaw has been featured in stage productions around Los Angeles including The Nat Turner Rebellion, A Raisin in the Sun, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, The Glass Menagerie, Hamlet, Summer and Smoke, and Burn This. Bradshaw's first network television appearance was on the CBS drama Cold Case, and made appearances on Carlos Mencia's sketch comedy series Mind of Mencia (Comedy Central), and MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Burger. 

Soon after, she booked her first feature film in the 2006 independent drama "Speechless," followed by the 2007 television movie "Mr. Jackson's Neighborhood." She also appeared in Paramount Pictures J.J. Abram's blockbuster "Star Trek," as well as the Wayans Brothers "Dance Flick."  

Those exciting roles led to a string of projects, including a role in the Hallmark movie "Fixing Pete." The spirited actress' career soon turned the corner and she began booking roles on a variety of popular television shows, including: ER (NBC), Bones (FOX), Prison Break, FlashForward (ABC), and Trust Me (TNT).

Bradshaw is also in development on a documentary titled "New Leaves" about troubled youth and the choices they make to either do the right thing or not.

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