Mike McLintock

played by Matt Walsh

Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Communications


"A regular guy, a sports fan, a dog lover and basically just a guy - just a pretty average guy."

Mike is a stalwart of the political communications scene and first began working for Selina when she was Senator for Maryland. As he puts it - "I've been with Selina now for longer than I care to remember. In fact, longer than I can actually remember!" He helped mastermind her Presidential campaign to a very creditable third place - a campaign of which he is rightfully proud. He describes himself as, "a regular guy, a sports fan, a dog lover and basically just a guy - just a pretty average guy."

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is a founding member of the "Upright Citizens Brigade." Walsh was also instrumental in the start of "Upright Citizens Brigade's" two theaters, in NYC and LA, where he continues to perform and teach today. Walsh has instructed accomplished comedians such as Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, and Rob Riggle. UCB is the only accredited school in the country for the art of improvisation, teaching improv to more than 1,000 students at any given time. Additionally, Matt wrote and starred in their self entitled show on Comedy Central for three seasons.

Credits for Walsh include starring in Comedy Central's critically acclaimed "Dog Bites Man", acting as a correspondent for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" from 2001-2002, and regular appearances in MTV's "Human Giant." He has appeared in such movies as "Semi-Pro" opposite Will Ferrell for New Line, "Old School," "Bad Santa," "Road Trip," and "Elf." He also wrote and starred in the cult indie-comedy "Martin & Orloff."

More recently, Matt has appeared in "The Hangover" opposite Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis for Warner Bros, David Wain's "Role Models" opposite Paul Rudd for Universal, Adam McKay's "Step Brothers" opposite Will Ferrell for Columbia, "Cyrus" opposite Marisa Tomei, John C. Reilly, and Jonah Hill, and "Due Date" with Robert Downey Jr., and Jamie Fox for Warner Bros. Walsh consulted on the 2009 comedy "Bruno" starring Sacha Baron Cohen. Matt will soon appear in "Queens of Country", opposite Lizzy Caplan and Ron Livingston.

Matt can be seen recurring on HBO's "Hung" and recently recurred on the NBC series "Outsourced" and guest starred on NBC's "Community," ABC's "Happy Endings," Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital" and "NTSF:SD:SUV::," and on Comedy Central's "Jon Benjamin Has a Van."His directorial debut, which he also co-wrote is entitled "High Road" starring Abby Elliott, Rob Riggle, and Lizzy Caplan. It premiered at the 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival and sold to Millennium Films. His 1/2 hour comedy series "Players" premiered last year for Spike TV, which Matt created, executive produced, wrote, and starred in. He will also appear in TED, directed by Seth MacFarlane for Universal.

Interview with Matt Walsh


At the beginning of episode 205, Amy tells Dan to be more like Mike with the press, but he claims "even Mike doesn't want to be like Mike." Is there any truth to that?

Matt Walsh

There's probably an unhealthy amount of self-loathing in Mike McClintock. I think he probably loved politics when he started and still shares a lot of the same beliefs as Selina, but it just beats you down after a while.


Mike seems rather unambitious. Why is that?

Matt Walsh

He's seen what sticking your neck out gets you. That ambition can destroy you. He's quite content in his position and it's perhaps higher than he thought he would get, so he sees no reason to challenge himself to do more.

Unlike Jonah, who's full of ego and swagger and thinks he's the top hot shit because he has that lanyard that says West Wing, Mike realizes that everyone in DC is quite insignificant unless they're the president, and even he gets beaten down. What makes Mike different is that he's witnessed the mercurial nature of power and public opinion.


How do you think Mike would handle the reporters in Helsinki if he were in Dan's shoes and not in math prison, aka, Dream Metric?

Matt Walsh

He'd keep it a lot lighter. Put out a little white noise around the issue to confuse them and then maybe have drinks with them afterwards to curry favor.


Everyone really misses him in this episode. That's not a sentiment that's expressed often.

Matt Walsh

[Laughs] Ultimately, whatever Mike's skill set is, he's good in front of the press and good with people, and that has some value in politics. He has many flaws, but he's well-suited for that spokesperson role. Even the way people enjoy kicking him or poking fun at him, that's a relationship, and that's a way for them to remember you.


Mike's been having a lot of "money challenges" this season - does he have a plan to resolve them?

Matt Walsh

He's in debt about a hundred grand and I don't know that he has many options. He tried to ignore it, or at least embrace the fact that he can't control it and just control his attitude. I don't know that he has any solid plan to alleviate that debt, much like our nation. I think Mike is the epitome of our government.


You're one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Has your background in improv influenced your portrayal of Mike?

Matt Walsh

I think my improv training and experience and the various roles I've been allowed to play have been perfect training for what this job has turned into. We basically got to help develop the characters in the first season and then we get to add dialogue and kitsch jokes - there's a certain custodial responsibility for our characters in the process.

Since I've done so many shows where you develop the characters from scratch or create dialogue from nowhere, I feel very familiar with and enjoy the process. I'm comfortable with the unfamiliar, I'm comfortable with the "Well, this is gonna suck but we gotta get through it."


And speaking of a "custodial role," is there anything about Mike that you'd like to see explored in future episodes?

Matt Walsh

There was talk between seasons 1 and 2 of him somehow getting a really young and attractive girlfriend, which of course ends terribly, so I would love to see that. Some DC publicist or some woman from the Beltway, a little too young and a little too attractive for him to keep.

Think Fast

If I were President, my pet cause would be: Innovative or alternative green energy.

What's in my Leviathan: A little bottle of vodka. Ketel One.

_________ was the worst job I ever had: Oh god, I did singing telegrams.

_________ is the best thing I ever bought: My blue Ben Sherman pullover sweater

I'd want my real-life Veeplopedia entry to say: "Not as messy as he looks."

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