Jonah Ryan

played by Timothy C. Simons


"I'm just working hard, doing my thing for the President."

Jonah is, in a way, an honorary member of the Veep's team - although, as he is keen to point out, he actually works for The White House. One of his many roles is to act as a kind of liaison between the White House and the Vice President's office, shuttling messages back and forth. As Amy puts it: "You always know when Jonah's in the office - he totally changes the atmosphere. He just hits the place like a tornado." Jonah says, "I'm a conduit between the President and the Vice President and it's tremendously exciting for me to have been given such a vital role at such a young age. When I stop to think about it, it literally blows my mind. I think pretty much everyone in DC must be jealous of me. But I'm trying not to get too big-headed about my success. I'm just working hard, doing my thing for the President." He describes himself as, "the go-to guy for all things White House."

Tim Simons

Tim Simons, born in Readfield, Maine, spent six years in Chicago working in the independent theatre scene before moving to LA. Tim, who stars alongside Julia Louis Dreyfus on 'Veep', the HBO series created by Armando Ianucci, is making his television debut.