Ben Cafferty

played by Kevin Dunn




"We all know the White House would work so much better if there wasn’t a President, but there is, so we work around that."

Ben is the President's sensitive and sometimes depressed Chief of Staff. His one wish is to be cryogenically suspended, but to "never wake up...just stay suspended." When things get overwhelming, Ben has a tendency to hide in a supply closet and realign himself. What he loves most in this world is his nine-cup coffee thermos - "It's the only thing I'd save if this building were on fire." Despite being a little high-strung, Ben can be very insightful: "We all know the White House would work so much better if there wasn't a President, but there is, so we work around that."


Kevin Dunn has a vast resume that includes numerous motion picture and television roles. He can be seen as series regular Ben, the president's chief of staff, on ‘Veep' alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Dunn appears in six episodes of HBO's 'True Detective' opposite Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as Maj. Ken Quesada. He also garnered praise as Marcus, the leader of a ragtag foursome of handicappers in the critically-acclaimed series ‘Luck', also for HBO.

Dunn is currently working on ‘Draft Day' for Lionsgate opposite Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. He will be seen in director Diego Luna's ‘Chavez' as Dr. Arlo, a Berkeley professor. Kevin was seen in ‘Frozen Ground,' with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage, playing Alaska State Trooper Lt. Bob Jent. He was also seen in the Sundance film, ‘Jobs' about the life of Steve Jobs. He was an executive producer on Katina Dunn's award winning documentary ‘Kumpania' about Flamenco performers and culture in Los Angeles.

Kevin was seen in Gavin O'Connor's ‘Warrior' with Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte. ‘Warrior' is ‘Gladiator' set within a family of mixed-martial arts fighters. Dunn played ‘Joe Zito', the principal of the middle school where Joel Edgerton's character works. His filmography includes ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon', for which Kevin reprised his role from the first two films as ‘Ron Witwicky'; Tony Scott's ‘Unstoppable', with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine; Woody Allen's ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona' with Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz; ‘Lions for Lambs,' directed by Robert Redford, where he played Meryl Streep's editor; ‘The Gridiron Gang' with Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson; ‘Black Dahlia' and ‘All the King's Men.' His other films include ‘I Heart Huckabees'; the Christopher Guest comedy ‘Almost Heroes'; the thriller ‘Stir of Echoes'; ‘Nixon', where he played Charles Colson; ‘Chaplin', where he played J. Edgar Hoover; ‘Godzilla'; ‘Chain Reaction'; ‘Small Soldiers'; ‘1492'; ‘Bonfire of the Vanities' and ‘Mississippi Burning.' One of his most-known roles is as press secretary Alan Reed in the film ‘Dave,' opposite Kevin Kline as the president.

A busy actor seen regularly on television, Dunn has made dozens of guest appearances including playing a lawyer opposite Kathy Bates on David E. Kelley's ‘Harry's Law' and as a con artist opposite Josh Holloway's character, Sawyer, on ‘Lost.' He garnered great reviews for portraying Murray Wilson in the highly rated ABC mini-series ‘The Beach Boys: An American Family.'

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