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Featured Fans

Being @SookieBonTemps

"I'm not a waitress. I just play one on Twitter." - @SookieBonTemps

She is one of True Blood's most active Truebies, rallying a weekly roleplay of other True Blood Twitterers as they act out their favorite scenes. @SookieBonTemps blurs the lines between fiction and reality with stunning accuracy and a sense of fun while managing to keep her true identity a mystery.

Truebies on Twitter

These enterprising individuals (no affiliation with HBO or True Blood) have been Twittering up a storm since the start of Season 2, role-playing as the True Blood characters each week (both in and out of season), roping in thousands of followers along the way. Their "True Blood on Twitter Thursdays" have become a weekly mainstay of the Truebie lifestyle.

Tosha, Kasandra and Ollie, the founders of met on the message boards and developed a friendship that led to the birth of this popular fan site in October 2008. The three have never met in person but share a deeply rooted love of all things Bill Compton. is very successful with 5000-9000 unique visits per day and has garnered over 32,000 Twitter followers.

The Ladies of

Cohorts Liz and Melissa first communed over Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, and then over the need to exercise anticipation for the coming Alan Ball series. They launched their fansite in March 2008, over six months ahead of the show's premiere, and host a weekly radio show that gathers over 3,000 daily visitors.

Loving True Blood in Dallas

This popular blog was started in 2008 as a place to gather interesting tidbits of True Blood news. It has quickly grown into a destination for many Truebies. Founder "Dallas" holds a successful weekly radio show with @SookieBonTemps where they discuss all things True Blood, as well as the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

The Boys of

Entertainment journalist Brian Jeurgens, a vlogger at brings True Blood fans together while having some twisted fun along the way. His weekly video recaps have featured everything from True Blood jack-o-lanterns to an interview with Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette). And most recently, his True Blood paper dolls were a heavily circulated mainstay throughout Season 2.