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Quote Wallpapers

Download wallpapers featuing your favorite characters and quotes from Season 4.

"Dial is back a notch or two. You're starting to piss me off." - Pam Download wallpaper-s4-quote-pamde

"I can put up with a lot, but you f*** with my face, it's time to die." - Pam Download wallpaper-quote-pam-s4

"What have you gone and f***ed up now?" - Nan Flanagan Download wallpaper-s4-quote-nanf

"Even without your blood, you're all I think about." - Jason Download wallpaper-s4-quote-jas-jess

"Everyone who's ever been with me has ended up dead. It ain't a long list, but it's a bad one to be on." - Tara Thornton Download wallpaper-quote-tara-s4

"I propose that the two of you, be mine." - Sookie Stackhouse Download wallpaper-quote-sookie-mine-s4

"Alcide, stop making that noise." - Sookie Stackhouse Download wallpaper-quote-sookie-alcide-s4

"Who would you rather trust? A vampire or a politician?" - Eric Northman Download wallpaper-quote-eric-psa-s4

"Lovable, isn't he?" - Eric Northman Download wallpaper-quote-eric-lovable-s4

"Oh s***. Marnie just puked a b**** out." - Lafayette Download wallpaper-s4-quote-group-laf

"It's a Latin thing." - Lafayette Download wallpaper-lafayette-latin-s4