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Crucial Music Corporation

Song Title: Introitus Requiem

Eric and Nora "take off".

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The Go Getters

Song Title: Cars, Bars and Guitars

Andy walks into Merlotte's.

Derrick Stout

Song Title: Little Girl Wandered Off

Plays in Alcide's pick up truck.

Gayle Lynn

Song Title: Rodeo Queen

Andy, Terry, and Arlene talk about love mates at Merlottes.

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Grant Langston

Song Title: Not Another Song About California

Andy and Morella talk in Merlottes back office.

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Eros & Evans

Song Title: Like Lava

Plays after hours at Fangtasia.

The Heavy

Song Title: What Makes A Good Man

At Fangtasia, Pam is arrested for murder by the Authority.

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Stevie Wonder

Song Title: Sunset

Plays over end credits.

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59: Sunset

Season 5