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Caroline Horn

Song Title: Bread and Water

Plays in car with Hoyt and his mama, as they discuss his future.

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Katy Perry

Song Title: Teenage Dream

Russell and Newlin dance to this song at a frat house amidst dead bodies of people that they have drained.

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Carl Perkins

Song Title: Gone Gone Gone

At Merlotte's: A fight is about to begin, Jessica, Jason & Hoyt meet up.

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Circuit Freq

Song Title: Supertripper

At Fangtasia Tara and Pam talk about turning more vamps.

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The Quick Hellos

Song Title: Growing Up Too Slow

Plays in backroom of Merlottes as Sam tries to track down Steve Newlin and Emma.

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Cree Rider

Song Title: Need A Little Help

Lafayette has prepared a great dinner for Andy and Holly at Merlottes.

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Acumen Nation

Song Title: Heavens To Murgatroid

An ambush takes place in the back room of Fangtasia.

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John Lee Hooker

Song Title: You Know, I Know

End Credits

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58: Gone, Gone, Gone

Season 5