Pezzner: Fake Blood

At Fangtasia, Tara has a run in with an old friend.

The Wallflowers: First One In The Car

As Alcide drives out of town, he remembers a conversation he had as a teen on the importance of the "pack".

Hank Cochran & Willie Nelson: Ain't Life Hell

Sookie has some questions for Bud at his place.

Courtesy of APM Music Library: Miss McCloud's Reel

Sweetie has a bad memory at a squaredance.

Courtesy of APM Music Library: Square Dance

The sheriff and his team search for Bud.

Losers: Acrobatica

At Fangtasia, Pam has a confrontation with the new sheriff of Area 5.

Grant Langston: Walk to Georgia

Music from Alcide's truck.

Care Bears on Fire: Everybody Wants to Rule The World

Song plays over Eric as he's handcuffed and taken away and continues over end credits.

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