Season 5

54: Hopeless


Acumen Nation: Broken Bodies

(Fangtasia) After the girl fight.

Howlin' Wolf: Smokestack Lightnin'


Doozy: Partner's In Crime

Terry freaks out in the truck over the smoke monster and runs off. Patrick chases after him.

Five2: Say Goodnight

(Merlotte's) Arlene, Sookie and Holly gab about men at the food window.

The Chillun: Slow Movin' Man

(Merlotte's) Jason tells Sookie that their parents were killed by vampires.

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Gaz Hilarant

Alcide shows up at the Wolves barn, to confront JD. They fight over who the new pack master will be.

Sugaray: Reaching For Salvation

(Merlotte's) Terry tells Arlene that he is cursed and tells her what happened in Iraq. She doesn't believe him but he has to leave.

Orb Mellon: Aberdeen

Terry tells Arlene that if she stays that she and the kids will die. He has to go.

Galactic: I Got It (What U Need)

Jason brings Sookie to Hot Wings and she is amazed by the dancers. Hadley greets Sookie, then she meets Claude. Hadley and Claude reveal a secret about Sookie's parent's death.

Acucrack: Atom Smashing

Hoyt's being fed on outside Fangtasia when two vampire killers arrive, shoot the vamp, and save Hoyt.

Percy Mayfield: Hopeless

Plays over end credits.

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