Paul McCartney & Wings: Silly Love Songs

The town car barrels down the road with Eric and Bill in the trunk. Hayes and Nora are in the front seat driving and listening to the radio.

Biff Scarborough: You're So Mean

Andy & Judge Clements talk.

eBlues Highway: The Soul Train's a Comin'

Jason talks to Hoyt.

Blee: MDV-Serenade

Jessica parties with some frat kids. Jason shows up

Ken Will Morton & The Wholly Ghosts: Devil In Me

(Merlotte's) Plays out back of Merlotte's

The Runaways: Cherry Bomb (Guitar Hero Version)

Jason is with Cammy in his car. Cammy wants to stay out with Jason but he thinks he should take her home.

Foreigner: Feels Like Like the First Time (Guitar Hero 2007 Version)

There is a party going on and Jason, Jessica, Cammy & Zander play Rock Band 3 on Bill's giant projection screen. The other guests watch and drink while Jessica sings and Jason joins her.

My Morning Jacket: Turn Turn Turn

Plays over end credits.

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