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Misisipi Mike Wolf

Song Title: Calling the Shots

Plays in Sam's truck.

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La Luna

Song Title: Do You Remember

Sam visits Luna, meets her daughter Emma.

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Helmut Reinhardt

Song Title: Butt Me Buster

Bill is with Portia, meets her grandmother & Andy.

The Watson Twins

Song Title: Tighten Up

Alcide comes home to Deb. He admits he shifted and that Sookie called.

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Song Title: Moonlight Remembers

Bill is with Portia at the Bellefleur place.

Helen Henderson

Song Title: Twintin' Wind

Jason is about to die when Hoyt and Jessica appear.

Danko Jones

Song Title: I'm Alive and On Fire

End Credits.

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40: I'm Alive and On Fire

Season 4