Zack Tempest: Dominatrix

Pam emerges from Fangtasia

Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke: And The World Laughs With You

Lafayette and Jesus are in the kitchen late at night.

See Spot Kill: Trash This Place

(London, England Early 80’s). Bill is at an underground punk rock club looking for someone to feed on. He chats up the bartender Marcus.

John Etkin Bell & Mike Farmer: Lift Off

(London Punk Flashback continues) Plays at the underground club with Bill and Marcus

John Etkin Bell & Mike Farmer: Make Some Noise

(London Punk Flashback continues) Outside the club, Bill feeds on Marcus.

N/A: A Life On The Ocean Wave

(London Punk Flashback continues) Drunks sing at the bar. Nan Flanagan talks to Bill about "mainstreaming" vampires.

Tom Heyman: Fat City

Sookie is back at work at Merlotte’s.

Eric Corne: Trampolines

Sam carries booze to the office at Merlottes. Luna is waiting for him.

Kanude: Wheels-Part One

Tommy and James think Luna is pretty.

Craig Campbell: Family Man

Jessica decides to drive over to Fangtasia for some excitement.

DJ Acucrack: Clown Darker

Protesters are outside Fangtasia.

DJ Acucrack: Coming Down

Jessica walks in slow motion towards her prey.

Jenny O: Well OK Honey

Tara calls Naomi. They miss each other

N/A: Shoot First

Sookie goes into the girls room at Fangtasia to find Jessica.

Jinx Titanic and the Super 8 Cum Shots: You Smell Like Dinner

End credits

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