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Toro Y Moi

Song Title: Blessa

Lafayette and Jesus talk about their experience on V.

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Nathan Barr

Song Title: You Are My Sunshine

Eric and Russell are interrupted by a cell phone.

Wanda Jackson

Song Title: Tears Will Be The Chaser (For Your Wine)

Tara shows up at Merlotte's and confronts Andy about the cover-up.

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Karen Elson

Song Title: The Ghost Who Walks

Sam fires Tommy and kicks everybody out of Merlotte's.

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Beto Villares

Song Title: Africa La

Lafayette wakes up frightened by his religious dolls.

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BB King & Eric Clapton

Song Title: Help The Poor

Sam and Tara have late night drinks.

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Song Title: Fresh Blood

End Credits

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35: Fresh Blood

Season 3