Eduardo Ponsdomenech: Tea Biscuit

Russell confesses to Talbot about the Magister.

Eilen Jewel: Till You Lay Down Your Heavy Load

Lafayette comforts Tara.

Fred Eaglesmith: Dynamite and Whiskey

Tara has a flashback about meeting Franklin. Arlene talks with the new waitress at Merlottes-there is something strange about her.

The Sadies: Another Year Again

Hoyt enters Merlotte’s, Tommy picks a fight.

Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello: Kiss Like Your Kiss

Jason and Crystal have a heart to heart after becoming intimate.

Deer Tick: Straight Into A Storm

Crystal’s dad and boyfriend show up at Merlotte’s looking for her.

Beto Villares: Nacao Postal

Eric plays chess with Talbot. Talbot becomes bored and tells Eric to remove his clothes.

Iron Horse: Night On The Sun

Jason enters the shack and sees blood on the walls and follows the music into the back, where he someone eating a deer.

Otep: Head

Hoyt drives off upset, Jessica attacks a Werewolf. Sookie and Bill make crazy love. End credits.

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