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Who's Best For Sookie?

Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton in bed

Though their "how we met" story isn't exactly one for the grandkids, Bill will always be Sookie's first. But can he stay in the picture long enough to be her last?

Sookie Stackhouse Sam Merlotte

It's well-known that workplace romances rarely work out - especially when it's your boss who's punching in for the night shift. But of all the men in Sookie's life, Sam may be the only one she can fully trust.

Sookie Stackhouse Light of Day basement

Sookie's engagement to Hugo was extremely brief - and entirely fake - but still, it was nice to see her settle down with a nice human boy for once....Is being a psychotic ex-fangbanger a total deal-breaker?

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman

Endlessly drifting between passionately intense and thoroughly bored, Eric has made one thing clear: He wants Sookie. This would be sexy if the next logical question weren't "For what?"

Alcide and Sookie Stackhouse

Alcide could add some much-needed heat to Sookie's nights (and days!), but for a guy who chooses to live in an empty apartment, this hunky werewolf is sure lugging around a lot of baggage.

29: Trouble

Season 3

Lafayette learns the meaning of patience from Jesus, his mother's orderly...