Season 3

28: 9 Crimes



Eric fantasizes about Sookie.

Daddy P, Spiket & Da Diggler: Mamasita

Lafayette makes a phone call from his car.

The Mears Brothers: Blame It On The Fact That I'm A Man

Jason gets pretty fired up.

(Courtesy of Bosshouse Music): Walk That Midnight Walk

Background music at Merlotte's

Kevin Fisher: Ten Year High School Reunion

Sam trains Jessica to be a hostess at Merlotte's.

Bettie Wilson: I'll Cry A River For You

Hoyt sees Jessica outside of Merlotte's with another guy.

Sonny Ellis: I'll Cry A River For You


Deanna Johnston: Train Wreck

Jason asks Andy to make him a cop.

(Courtesy of Selectracks): Mozart Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No. 19

Background music at Edgington Mansion

Sennen: S.O.S.

Sookie's adventures at Lou Pine's.

Massive Attack: Paradise Cirus

Bill walks into the stip club to “procure” something for Russell and Lorena.

The Upsidedown: Wolf Blood Honey

All hell is breaking loose at Lou Pine's. Russell speaks from the stage.

(Courtesy of Extreme Music): Do Not Conceal Thy Radiant Eyes

Werewolves listen to Russell speak at Lou Pine's, then drink his blood in ritualistic fashion.

Damien Rice: 9 Crimes (Demo)

Russell, Bill and Lorena feed on Anne in the limousine. End Credits.

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