Courtesy of Extreme Music: Ebben, Ne Andro Lontana

Sookie chases after Barry down the hotel hallway.

Lisa Shaw: Tomorrow

Sookie encounters Barry at breakfast.

Kelly Pardekooper: Fly On The Wall

Terry dodges arguments between Daphne and Arlene.

Kelly Pardekooper: Wild Love

Lafayette arrives at Merlotte's.

Erik Satie: Gnossiennes NR. 4

Isabel and Hugo visit Bill and Sookie at Hotel Carmilla.

Three Bad Jacks: Hellbound Train

Tara loses her cool while bartending at Merlotte's.

Courtesy of Naxos: Cello Suite #5 Allemande Movement (J.S. Bach)

Eric tells Bill about his connection to Godric.

Silas Hogan: Everybody Needs Somebody

Sam and Daphne play on the pool table after hours at Merlotte's.

Courtesy of Extreme: Badunkadunk

Plays at the Hotel Carmilla.

Katie Webster: Never Let Me Go

End Credits

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