Niyaz: Beni Beni (Acoustic)

Tara tells Maryann she is moving in with Sookie.

Courtesy of 5 Alarm: Wrong Path

Bud, Kenya and Mike Spencer discuss the wounds on Miss Jeanette's body. Andy interrupts them to ask about Tara’s pig sighting.

Little Charlie and The Nightcats: Walking in the Shadow of the Blues

Lafayette recuperates on his couch after being released from Eric's dungeon.

Steve Byers: Rhythm Bound

Terry feels nervous about running Merlotte's on his own, and Sookie doesn't know Sam is leaving.

Sammy Kershaw: Louisiana Hot Sauce

Sarah Newlin is at the grill making ribs for Jason and her husband while Jason entertains slow-motion fantasies about her.

Courtesy of Black Toast: Nowhere to Go

Andy is drinking heavily. Sam tries to talk to him about it, and Arlene suggests closing up early so they can go to Tara's birthday party.

Junior Walker and The All Stars: Shake and Fingerpop

Sam arrives at Tara's party with Lettie Mae's gift. He runs into Maryann and they have words. Meanwhile, the party is in full swing with Tara and Eggs dancing.

Headbone Featuring Bubba Kendall: Dig

Everyone is dancing at Tara's party.

Saafi Brothers: Wellness Farm

Bill and Sookie check into the hotel in Dallas, and Jessica glamours the limo driver.

Thievery Corporation: (The Forgotten People)

Maryann whispers an incantation on the road outside Tara's party, which is getting wild as Tara and Eggs kiss. Arlene and Terry dirty dance.

Courtesy of LA Post Music: High Anxiety

Lafayette watches "Sinbad" on TV.

Courtesy of LA Post Music: The Final Challenge

Eric shows up at Lafayette's place.

Cazwell: Watch My Mouth

Lafayette drinks Eric's blood while Bill calls from Dallas with an update.

Peyote Sound System: Aqua Dub

Bill talks to Eric in the lobby of the Hotel Carmilla.

Headbone Featuring Bubba Kendall: Dig

End Credits

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