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Jace Everett

Song Title: Bad Things

Main Title Theme

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Extreme Music

Song Title: Butterfly By

Jason meets The Newlins at a Fellowship Of The Sun prayer breakfast.

Faron Young

Song Title: Hello Walls

Sookie eats cereal in her kitchen and misses Gran.

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Jussara Silveiera

Song Title: La Vem A Baiana

At Maryann's pool Tara and Eggs share some fruit and a joint.

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Todd Snider

Song Title: Back to the Crossroads

Sam meets the new waitress, Daphne, in his office at Merlotte's.

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Black Toast

Song Title: It's All Good Lovin To Me

At Merlotte's, Jason chooses to "stay pure" rather then party with Shawnelle.

Sonny Ellis

Song Title: Leave This All Behind

Sam is angry when Sookie apologizes to him; Andy drunkenly investigates.

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The Shaker Sisters

Song Title: All Night Through

The Swinging Squares come to Merlotte's with their square dance trophy. Sookie wishes people would stop dying in Bon Temps.

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John Doe featuring Kathleen Edwards

Song Title: The Golden State

Eggs plants a sweet smooch on Tara at Merlotte's.

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Randy Travis

Song Title: Nothing But The Blood (Of Jesus)

End Credits

13: Nothing But the Blood

Season 2

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