Rene Lenier

played by Michael Raymond James

One of Jason's friends from the road crew, Rene has been shacked up...

Character Bio

One of Jason's friends from the road crew, Rene has been shacked up with Arlene long enough that he's basically a member of the family. As a stand-up guy in love, he'd like to settle down and have some kids of his own, though Arlene feels taxed enough with the children from her previous relationship.


Originally from Michigan, Michael Raymond-James received his training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City, where he studied with esteemed acting coach George Loros. Following several stage appearances in New York, including 'The Petrified Forest' at the Pantheon Theater, he relocated to Los Angeles.

Raymond-James was soon compiling a growing list of television credits in guest-starring roles for such shows as 'ER,' 'Boston Legal' and 'CSI' before he landed a regular role on Alan Ball's HBO series 'True Blood.' Most recently he booked the highly anticipated HBO pilot 'Last of the Ninth', created by David Milch.

In his feature debut Raymond-James played Justin Timberlake's best friend in 'Black Snake Moan' with Christina Ricci and Samuel Jackson. The actor also starred in Jonny Hirschbein's award-winning short film 'The Fix,' working alongside Robert Partick and David Paymer. His full-length feature film credits include 'Moonlight Serenade,' starring as a piano prodigy opposite Academy Award Nominee Amy Adams.

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