Luke McDonald

played by Wes Brown

Jason's nemesis at the Light of Day Institute

Character Bio

Luke is Jason's friend, then nemesis, at the Light of Day Institute.



'Awakening' (Independent)
'We Are Marshall' (Warner Bros.)
'Terror on the Bayou' (Independent)
'Glory Road' (Disney)
'Sonny' (Independent)


'Love's Resounding Courage' (Hallmark - Lead)
'Criminal Minds' (CBS - Guest Star)
'Trauma' (NBC - Recurring)
'True Blood' (HBO - 7-episode arc)
'CSI:Miami' (CBS - Co-Star)
'Beach Girls' (Lifetime - Series Regular)


Sara Mornell - Scene study
Elizabeth Gamza - Scene study, Audition technique
BA Theater and Speech -Lousiana State University
Improv, David Sellers
Performance, Michael Bowman
Advance Speech, Ross Louis
Scene Study, Brent Glenn, Jane Brody

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