played by Graham Shiels

A tattooed vampire with a taste for rough sex, Liam knows...

Character Bio

A tattooed vampire with a taste for rough sex, Liam knows where to find a willing fangbanger when he wants one. While many "mainstreaming" vamps try to blend into the human world, Liam looks positively terrifying - or positively gorgeous, depending on what kind of bars you patronize.


Classically trained at the Yale School of Drama, Graham has significant theatre credits from Shakespeare to Jerome Kern, but this has been the year to spread strongly into film and television. He will be seen menacing Jim Carrey in the upcoming Christmas comedy, 'Yes Man.' Television guest star roles have him playing another blood-sucker, Legend Chandler, in the season five finale of 'Nip/Tuck,' a skinhead biker in 'Saving Grace' and an illegal pharmaceutical drug dealer in 'Burn Notice.' Graham was raised in many cities throughout Canada with strong Scottish and Irish influences and is an avid ice hockey player and a contributing writer for

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