Hoyt Fortenberry

played by Jim Parrack

Hoyt Fortenberry, born and raised in Bon Temps, spent most of his life...

Character Bio

Hoyt Fortenberry, born and raised in Bon Temps, spent most of his life under the tight squeeze of his mother Maxine. He fell in love with Jessica Hamby, but his dreams of a simple life were completely shattered when she left him and slept with Jason Stackhouse, his best friend. Before leaving Bon Temps for Alaska, Hoyt asked Jessica to glamour any trace of her -- and Jason -- from his memory.


Jim Parrack made his professional acting debut in 2006's 'Annapolis' as A.J. His portrayal of the rough and tumble, blue collar boxer led to a series of guest spots on television shows including 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'CSI,' 'ER,' 'Monk,' 'Standoff' and 'Close to Home.' In 2007 he showed audiences his depth and range in two consecutive guest-starring roles. First on 'Criminal Minds,' he played a deranged serial killer who hunted people in the wild with a bow and arrow, followed immediately by a sensitive look at a Colorado Sheriff's Deputy who has lost his mother on 'Raines' alongside Jeff Goldblum.

Jim grew up in the small Texas town of Allen. He moved to Los Angeles and studied acting for two years at The Stella Adler Academy. But it wasn't until studying under Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West that he began to find fulfillment and opportunity in his acting. A veteran of more than 20 plays in just seven years in Los Angeles, he is a current student at Playhouse West and can be seen there monthly in the critically acclaimed play 'Welcome Home Soldier.'

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