played by Allan Hyde

Eric's 2,000-year-old maker

Character Bio

This 2,000-year-old vampire spent most of his existence hunting humans for sport -- and passing on that disdain for the living to his offspring, Eric. After millennia, Godric has realized that all the senseless killing has only left him feeling detached and empty.



'Awakening' (Lead) - 2008
'Impolsion' (Lead) - 2008


'True Blood' (HBO - Recurring) - 2009
'2900 Happiness' (Danish National, TV3 - Supporting) - 2008
'Album' (Danish National, DR1 - Lead) - 2008


'Uncle Danny' (Theatertapperiet in Docken - Supporting) - 2006
'Peters Christmas' (Theatretapperiet in Docken - Supporting) - 2005
'Ugly Duckly' (The Adventure Theatre - Lead) - 2005
'Sound Of Music' (The New Theater - Lead) 2004
'Les Misérables' Lead Scandinavian Tour 2002


The Danish Film Academy Award - Robert Award - for Best Short Story "Awakening" (the short story "Awakening" was short-listed for the Oscars in 2009).

Interview with Allan Hyde


Godric was a huge hit when he appeared in Season Two, why do you think people loved your character so much?

Allan Hyde

I didn't see that coming at all. But I think people were looking for some humanity in the vampire crowd. Even though Bill loves Sookie and everything, they were looking for someone who showed more compassion and humanity, and Godric did that. Also, I think it was because Godric was so anticipated in the season - he was talked about in almost every episode - so when he finally shows up and he's a young kid, it's very intriguing.


How did you react to all the attention?

Allan Hyde

I didn't know what to do with myself. I'm from Denmark, and we don't have that fan culture at all. And about a week after my episode aired, I was out and was recognized by people, and it was really, really overwhelming. I went to the Grove with a buddy of mine. I wasn't really paying attention, but he was like, 'Dude, all these people are looking at you.' And I looked around, and this little crowd had gathered around where we were sitting. I had to go and take pictures with people - it was really something else. It happened literally overnight, and I don't think anyone saw it coming. I remember Stephen Moyer saying, "Your character really got a lot of attention. That was insane."


How did you get your mind around playing a vampire who's thousands of years old?

Allan Hyde

I guess every guy who plays a vampire has to go through this. You can never really do enough research to learn what a 2,000-year-old vampire would know, because that's impossible. But you can at least try to imitate it and believe it yourself. My approach was to look at the elderly and see how they reacted to situations. If a young guy thinks he's onto something, he'll try to force everyone else to open their eyes and see that he's right. The elderly have a more calm approach - they'll sort of set an example and then expect that everyone will follow it. So that's what Godric did all the time. He didn't rush into anything; it was all thought through very well.

You can never really do enough research to learn what a 2,000-year-old vampire would know, because that's impossible. But you can at least try to imitate it and believe it yourself.

Godric saw so much history. What eras and events would you imagine him having been a part of?

Allan Hyde

He's done it all. He's been in every war, on every side. Good, bad...everything. I personally imagine that he started off being treated really badly by humans, that he was probably a slave at some point before he was turned. He had a lot of anger toward the human race, and after he became a vampire, he went on a killing spree. In the present day, he realized that all that killing was for nothing. It was for egotistical reasons - he wanted revenge - and he was blinded by his own rage. He tried to make everyone else realize this, but he knew he could only do so much because the younger vampires aren't at the same stage.


Speaking of wars, Eric and Godric just showed up in Nazi SS uniforms - can you talk at all about what they're up to?

Allan Hyde

They're trying to infiltrate the were-community and get to the main man. They're disguised as Nazis so they can walk around without being asked questions, but they're not trying to be part of the war - they have their own personal reasons for being there.


Now that Godric is no more, your only chance to appear in future episodes will be in Eric's memories - do you think there will be more opportunities?

Allan Hyde

I hope so. Godric is so much a part of Eric that he'll be continually reminded of stuff that Godric has been a part of in the past. So I think he'll be in Eric's head a lot, but I don't know if it will be important enough to appear in flashbacks. But there's hope for sure - vampires have a lot of past to cover.

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