Mourners: Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Musicians at Harley’s memorial

Brassy Knoll: Wolf's Remedy

Alex McMurray sits in at rehearsal

James Carr: These Ain't Raindrops

Batiste at Gigi's sees realtor

Jon Cleary: Frenchmen Street Blues

Jon Cleary plays at Chickie Wah Wah

Dr. John: I Thought I Heard New Orleans Say

Annie at Harley's apartment

The Loose Marbles: Crumpled Paper

Sofia is a barista, gypsy jazz outside

The Meters: They All Ask'd For You

Desautel at Lucky Peach

Annie: Love's Gonna Blow My Way

Annie at home perusing Harley's stuff.

Rosie Ledet & Band: Pick It Up

Zydeco Night at Rock 'N Bowl

Lil Calliope: The True

McAlary & Don B & Mimi in studio

Talking Heads: Drugs

Chang & Desautel work in kitchen

The Soul Apostles: Me and Mrs. Jones

Soul Apostles finishing a song

The Soul Apostles: Misty Blue

Soul Apostles play another one

Tab Benoit: Plareen Man

Batiste & Cornell talk in bar

Delmond Lambreaux et al: Hu-Ta-Nay

Dr John, Ron Carter, et al finally get it right

Iggy Pop: The Passenger

Soul Apostles play gig with new singer.

The Soul Apostles: Love & Happiness

Soul Apostles play gig with new singer.

Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking

Desautel meets Donald Link

The Loose Marbles: Look Out Mama

Loose Marbles at Cafe again

John Mooney: That's What Lovers Do

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