Jelly Roll Morton & King Oliver: Tom Cat Blues

Delmond at home in NY talks to Jill about jazz

Ingrid Lucia: Zat You Santa Clause?

Mimi & Davis talk in bar

Houseman: Pimp My Sleigh

Ladonna at Gigi’s, jukebox plays

Shawn Colvin: Another Long One

Shawn Colvin plays HOB, Annie sits in

Shawn Colvin: I’m Gone

Shawn Colvin plays HOB, Annie sits in

The Soul Apostles: Teasin’ You

Sonny & The Soul Apostles rehearsal

Sonny Landreth: Got To Get You Under My Tree

Annie and, manager talk at HOB

Katey Red: Niggaz Out There (Playa Hatin)

McAlary & Aunt Mimi sign contract

Baby Dodds Trio: Les Ognons

Lyndsey tours museum

Aaron Neville: Louisiana Christmas Day

Gigi’s bar, jukebox plays

The Soul Apostles with June Yamagishi: Fire on The Bayou

Soul Apostles Rehearsal

The Soul Apostles with June Yamagishi: Love and Happiness

Soul Apostles Rehearsal

Jelly Roll Morton: The Complete Library of Congress Recordings

Delmond listens to Jelly Roll

Big Freedia: Azz Everywhere

Bounce session in recording studio

Katey Red: Ugly Buggin’

Bounce session in recording studio

Roomful of Blues: Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get the Blues?

Colson wraps presents

Craicmore: Walsh’s Ocean

Irish bar, Desautel is embarrassed

Tom McDermott: Deck The Halls

Police station decorating, desk radio plays

Louis Prima: What WIll Santa Claus Say (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’)

Bernettes at home

The Soul Apostles: Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’

Soul Apostles at The Bottom Line

New Birth Brass Band: Jingle Bells

Soul Apostles drink after gig

Betty Carter: Let It Snow

Batiste at home for Christmas, WWOZ plays

Joe Williams: Christmas Blues

Christmas montage

Tom McDermott: Let It Snow

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