Lil Wayne: Fireman

McAlary songwriting

The Soul Apostles: Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley

Band rehearsal and sax audition

Rebirth Brass Band: Roll With It

Gigi’s jukebox, Shavers appreciates snare playing

Chris Kenner: Sick and Tired

McAlary drives and listens to radio

Jimmy McCracklin: The Walk

Batiste at home with Desiree

Allen Toussaint: On Your Way Down

Gigi’s jukebox, LaDonna closes bar

New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings: Delta Bound

Sonny at Spotted Cat

The Happy Talk Band: May Day 1945

Sonny’s roommates get busted

Lucien Barbarin: Mack The Knife

Hidalgo & Robinette at hotel

Ornette Coleman: The Blessing

After set music in bar at Dizzy’s

The Soul Apostles: Got To Get You Off My Mind

Soul Apostles rehearse

Supastarz: Killers

Batiste in street outside Gigi’s

Alvin Red Tyler: New Orleans Cakewalk

Hidalgo in hotel bar

Steve Earle: Titpitina

Sonny sees Harley playing on Frenchmen St

Steve Earle: Hometown Blues

Sonny sees Harley playing on Frenchmen St

Louis Armstrong: Mack The Knife

End Titles

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