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Howlin' Wolf
The Howlin' Wolf opened its doors in 1988, taking its name from the nickname for legendary Chicago bluesman, Chester Burnett. Over the years, they've hosted everyone from the Foo Fighters, to Harry Connick, Jr., to Jimmy Buffet on their stage. The venue is also a very big supporter of all things local. Howlin' Wolf's non-profit division has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities, and have expanded into a management company in which they proudly represent the Rebirth Brass Band. They've also opened up a second location on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville.
Howlin' Wolf

Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk
Cousins, Ian and Ivan Neville, carry on their family's legacy with their hypnotic funk group, Dumpstaphunk. The Nevilles and the rest of their band members have performed with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Etta James, Dave Matthews, Jewel, and the Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indians. Try to go see them this summer, as they hit the nationwide festival circuit.
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Praline Connection
Delmond Lambreaux (Rob Brown) gets the news of his father's postponed court date while finishing up what was a nice, peaceful lunch at the Praline Connection. Now in their twentieth year of operation, the Praline Connection on Frenchmen is known for their "Pure-D-Good" sweets and down-home southern food. Dying for a taste? You can order gift baskets and specialty items, such as their sweet potato cookies, online. Also, check out their new Candy Shop located in the Louis Armstrong International Airport.
Praline Connection

St. Joseph's Night
Throughout this episode, we hear several references to St. Joseph's Day. St. Joseph's on March 19th, along with Mardi Gras day, is the biggest day of the year for Mardi Gras Indians. While all of the Indians scramble to finish their suits in time to hit the streets on Mardi Gras, the eve of St. Joseph's is when all of the tribes come out in full force to face off with each other to see who is the biggest and prettiest. The night culminates with lots of chanting and dancing, and is a much friendlier encounter than it used to be. Stay tuned as St. Joseph's Day nears.

Donna's Bar & Grill
Located at 800 N. Rampart Street, on the edge of the French Quarter, Donna's is one of the friendliest "Mom & Pop" joints around. The combination of awesome bands, Donna's (Mom) drinks, and Charlie's (Pop) food is hard to beat. Drop by on a Monday for free BBQ chicken and red beans & rice.
Donna's Bar & Grill

Bob French
Bob French takes the stage at Donna's playing the drums alongside Antoine Batiste (Wendell Pierce). Bob French has been the frontman of The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band since 1977, when he "inherited" the band from his father. The Tuxedos are one of the longest running bands in New Orleans history, having been founded by Oscar "Papa" Celestin in 1910 (way back when it was still called jass).
Bob French's Original Tuxedo Jazz Band
The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band on iTunes
Bob French on iTunes

Krewe of Momus
Creighton Bernette (John Goodman) speaks a bit nostalgically of the Krewe of Momus, the third oldest Mardi Gras Krewe, founded in 1872. In 1991, an anti-discriminatory ordinance was passed by City Council, requiring social organizations to abandon their traditional code of secrecy and identify their members to certify that they did not discriminate based on race, religion, or gender. Rather than identify their membership, Momus chose to withdrawn from the parade schedule. The ordinance was later thrown out, but Momus never returned to parading.

Along with Momus, Creighton also talks of Flambeaux, which Toni Benette (Melissa Leo) is less than enthused about. Flambeaux (plural for Flambeau) are torches that are still carried in some parades to light the way for the floats at night.
Read more about the tradition of Flambeaux here:

Krewe of Zulu
One of the most anticipated parades of Carnival is that of the Krewe of Zulu. The Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, which dates back to 1909, is often considered the "everyman club", as its members are largely comprised of African-Americans from all walks of life. They are easily recognized by their grass skirts and donning of blackface, which has been a subject of controversy outside New Orleans over the years. They are also known for having one of the most coveted throws of Mardi Gras, the hand-painted Zulu Coconut. Learn more about the Krewe of Zulu here:
Krewe of Zulu
Why Zulu Wears Blackface

Krewe of St. Anne
The only requirement for being a member of the Societé de Sainte Anne is that you know about it. Each year, in the early hours of Fat Tuesday, parade-goers dressed in elaborate costumes meet in the Bywater for the walking parade. The Storyville Stompers Brass Band then leads the colorful parade into the French Quarter, all the way to Canal Street where they watch the Rex parade.
Krewe of Saint Anne

One Eyed Jacks
One Eyed Jacks is a bar and music venue located in the French Quarter that plays host to many localand touring bands. Every Thursday night they have an 80s Dance Party, a favorite among locals, and also frequently feature the Fleur de Tease Variety Burlesque Show. It is owned by Rio Hackford, who plays Davis's (Steve Zahn) friend Toby-- hence the buried humor in him calling the place "a dump."
One Eyed Jacks

Reverend "Goat" Carson
A descendant of the Cherokee Indians, Reverend Goat, who is seen giving a blessing to Davis (Steve Zahn) and Annie (Lucia Micarelli), got his name from a Yacqui medicine man who named him "Go on and Try", or GOAT; and try he did. In 1992, he ran for President with the slogan "We Want Our Money Back!", with Joe Walsh as his running mate. Unfortunately, he lost out to Bill Clinton, but did manage to get 100,000 votes. He also organized the first Sacred Circle in Congo Square in 1994, bringing together the Native Americans and Mardi Gras Indians. He now serves on the board of the Ministerial Alliance for Environmental Justice, and teaches "true history" at The New Orleans School for the Imagination. Oh yeah, and he plays the blues, which you can listen to here.
Reverend "Goat" Carson on MySpace

Backstreet Cultural Museum
The Backstreet Museum makes an appearance in the background during Reverend "Goat" Carson's blessing. Located in the backstreets of Treme, the museum is filled with exhibits reflecting the unique cultural traditions of New Orleans, such as Mardi Gras Indians, Jazz Funerals, and Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs. The Backstreet Museum is the manifestation of Sylvester Francis's vision. His collection has been in the works for over 25 years and includes over 500 films, and 3000 photographs of the beautiful culture that makes up New Orleans.
BackStreet Cultural Museum

Lolis Elie's "Gumbo Party"
Treme writer, and Times-Picayune journalist, Lolis Eric Elie, plays Davis's (Steve Zahn) neighbor and host of the "Gumbo Party", which as Davis informs Annie (Lucia Micarelli), is not what we call it here. Lolis has won various awards for his writing, including the PBS documentary he wrote and co-directed with Dawn Logsdon, entitled "Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans".
Lolis Eric Elie
"Faubourg Treme" documentary site

Tom McDermott
Tom McDermott, who first made his appearance in Episode 3, returns at Lolis's party. In case you need the reminder, Tom is the pianist who had invited Annie (Lucia Micarelli) to accompany him on the fiddle at a gig. In this episode, he is once again on the piano, but a little harder to recognize under that horse head.
Tom McDermott on Myspace
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Le Bon Temps Roule
Le Bon Temps (pronounced Lay Bon Tom) is a divey, neighborhood watering hole on Magazine Street in Uptown. They have both a front and a back room, where they have music nightly, in addition to a kitchen in the back, called Cafe Roule. If you're looking to spend a night with good drinks, great people, and even better music, swing by for the Soul Rebels on a Thursday night. Le Bon Temps is located at 4801 Magazine Street.
Le Bon Temps Roule on MySpace

Big Sam's Funky Nation
Big Sam's Funky Nation has the full house rockin' at Le Bon Temps in this episode. Big Sam Williams, formerly of the Dirty Dozen & Soul Rebels Brass Bands, takes the lead on trombone. BSFN's call-and-response MC-style of funk always gets the crowd moving, and surely helped them in winning "Best Funk Group" at the 2009 Big Easy Awards. They just released a new album entitled "King of the Party", and are hitting the road for most of the summer, so check them out if you get the chance.
Big Sam's Funky Nation
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