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Coco Robicheaux
Louisiana blues master Coco Robicheaux has seen more than his share of hardships in his lifetime. At the age of 15, he left home and hit the streets of the French Quarter to play music. Over 40 years later, the recent Louisiana Music Hall of Fame inductee is still playing frequently across the city. Look for Coco's new album 'Revelator,' which will be released this month.
Coco Robicheaux

This is a great interview with 'Bomb Magazine,' which gives you some insight into Coco Robicheaux's life and experiences:
'Bomb Magazine' interview with Coco
Coco on iTunes

Voodoo & Marie Laveau
What would New Orleans be without a little Voodoo? While in the WWOZ studio with Davis McAlary (Zahn), Coco Robicheaux attempts to conjure the spirit of Erzulie Dantor, the Voodoo spirit whom they say Marie Laveau was her earthly incarnation. For those of you who don't know, Marie Laveau is the famous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. There are many stories surrounding this mysterious woman who is also said to have been a devout Catholic. Read on about this ancient African religion and the infamous Marie Laveau here:
New Orleans Voodoo Museum

Congo Square
We also hear mention of Congo Square during Coco's little ritual. Congo Square is an extremely important piece of New Orleans history. During the days of slavery, slaves were given Sundays off and they would gather in this designated place each week to make music and dance. Congo Square, now located in Louis Armstrong Memorial Park, has become a symbol of the early African influences on jazz and other American music origins.

Jazz Vipers
This swingin' seven piece band was a regular on Frenchmen Street from 1995-2009. They reformed last summer as 6/7 of the band, calling themselves the New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings. For this episode, the new lineup of the Jazz Vipers, fronted by Joe Braun play at The Spotted Cat, a Frenchmen favorite among locals. Take a look at their sites to find out where you can see them next.
Jazz Vipers
New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings
Jazz Vipers music on LA Music Factory
Upcoming shows at the Spotted Cat

Bullet's Sports Bar
Step off of the beaten path and head to Bullet's, the joint Steve Zahn's character Davis McAlary encourages the out-of-towners to go to. The neighborhood watering hole, located in the Seventh Ward, is a hot spot for local folks. If you missed Kermit on Thursday night at Vaughan's, you can catch him here on Tuesdays! Bullet's awaits your visit at 2331 A P Tureaud in New Orleans.

Inn on Bourbon
"Experience the splendor of a bygone era at the Inn on Bourbon Hotel." Built on the site of America's first Opera House (which burned down in 1919), the Inn on Bourbon is one of a kind. Ninety years later, the Inn is bringing Opera back to Bourbon, featuring free Opera performances in their Puccini Bar. Located in the French Quarter on Bourbon and Toulouse, IOB has one of the best balconies in town. So get your beads and come on down!
Inn on Bourbon

Piety Street Recordings
Fortunately for Mark Bingham, his studio only lost its roof during Katrina. They were up and running again by Halloween, and by December, were busy finishing Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint's 'The River in Reverse' album. In this episode, they recreated a session at Piety Street Recordings for a track off of that album entitled "Tears, Tears and More Tears." The recording features the Crescent City Horns with Big Sam Williams on Trombone. Piety Street Recordings is located at yep, you guessed it, Piety Street. 728 Piety Street to be exact. Check it here:
Piety Street Recordings
'The River in Reverse' on iTunes

Spud McConnell as DJ Jeffy Jeff
If you were thinking that WWOZ DJ looked a bit familiar, you were right, as it's the one-and-only John "Spud" McConnell. To folks around the country, he is probably recognized for his numerous roles as an actor. As for the locals, we know and love him for his radio talk show, "The Spud Show," on WWL. Tune in to Spud's show on weekdays from 1-4 PM on WWL's Gumbo Talk; 870 AM 105.3 FM.

Funktastic is more like it! Galactic's new release, 'Ya-Ka-May,' features multitudes of local legends including the Rebirth, Irma Thomas, John Boutté, Allen Toussaint, Trombone Shorty, Glen David Andrews, and the list goes on. They will also be hitting the road for some time. So if you get the chance, do yourself a favor and go see these guys! You can find upcoming shows at their website:
Galactic on Facebook
Galactic on iTunes

Boasting one of the largest beer and spirits selections in town, d.b.a. is a great place to spend an evening. Not only do they have a wonderful beer selection, they also have live music seven nights a week. The great Glen David Andrews, New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings, Palmetto Bug Stompers and John Boutté all play regular weekly gigs here. So no matter what night you go, you will be sure to see and hear something extraordinary. d.b.a. is located at 618 Frenchmen St, just outside the French Quarter.

Preservation Hall
It's quite a sad sight seeing the historic Preservation Hall all closed up in Episode 2. Built in 1750, it took on many roles before finally being established as a sanctuary to preserve and protect New Orleans Jazz in the wake of new popular genres such as rock 'n roll. The good news is that it did open back up, and is now packed on any given night of the week. Having no alcohol, and no air conditioning, the all-ages venue is exactly as it was 40 years ago; a truly pure music experience. Preservation Hall is located at 726 St. Peter in the French Quarter.
Preservation Hall

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