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Rebirth Brass Band
Rebirth's signature brand of heavy funk has placed them among the world's top brass bands. Playing together since 1983, they are one of the shows to see. Check them out at The Maple Leaf, where they play to a full house every Tuesday night.
Maple Leaf Bar
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Treme Brass Band
New Orleans recently laid to rest our beloved friend, cast member, and extremely talented musician, Bernard "Bunchy" Johnson. Bunchy appears in the pilot episode as a trumpet player for the band, despite the fact that he is well known throughout New Orleans for his mad drumming skills. Feast your eyes and ears on the famous marching band that took its name from the neighborhood where it all started... the Treme Brass Band.
The Treme Brass Band
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Donald Harrison Jr.
Known to many as "The King of Nouveau Swing," Donald has just about done it all in the music world. From composing for orchestras to being a mentor to Notorious BIG, is there anything this man can't do? He is the son of the Guardians of the Flame founder, Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr., and now carries on his father's tradition as the Big Chief of his own group, Congo Nation. We hear his original composition, "One for Bird," performed by Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux and Donald himself at a re-creation of the famous NY club The Blue Note.
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Kermit Ruffins
Kermit came onto the scene as one of the founding members of the Rebirth Brass Band. These days you can catch him and his band, The BBQ Swingers, at Vaughan's where they have been playing every Thursday night since the early 90's. Get here early to chow down on some of that delicious BBQ Kermit's usually cookin' up before the show! Vaughan's Lounge, featured in 'Treme,' is located at 800 Lesseps St. in the Bywater Neighborhood.
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Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers
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Stop channel surfing and tune into WWOZ 90.7, NOLA's listener-supported and commercial-free radio station. Help them in their mission of bringing New Orleans music to the Universe by supporting them. Not from New Orleans? Listen online! You'll hear everything from Armstrong to Zydeco.
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Desautel's - Patois
Treat your taste buds to some local flavor at New Orleans native, Aaron Burgau's Patois, the elegant restaurant in which Desautel's is set. Since its opening two years ago, it has become one of the best-regarded restaurants in town. Located in the Uptown neighborhood, it specializes in classic French food with a patois, or local accent.

Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs
Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs are also known as "The Keepers of the Second Line Tradition." The second line is something you won't see anywhere else, and involves SA&P Club members dressed to the nines while dancing through the city's streets alongside a brass band. This week's episode featured members of the 'Black Men of Labor,' 'Money Wasters,' and 'Treme Sidewalk Steppers' Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs.
Find out more about the SA&P Clubs and second lines at these sites:
Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs in New Orleans
History of Second Lines in New Orleans

Hungry For Hubig's? (pronounced Hyoo' bigs)
Fresh Fried Pies baked daily and come in every flavor from apple to chocolate to coconut. Want to know why Creighton Bernette is so excited to eat a Hubig's? Find out - the locally owned and operated company ships all over the country! Oh, and for the record, You ain't from New Orleans if you ain't had a Hubigs, ya herd.'
Hubig's Pies
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Big Chiefs, Fly Boys, Spy Boys, Oh My!
Clarke Peters plays Albert Lambreaux, Big Chief of the Guardians of the Flame Mardi Gras Indians. You won't see them as often as you will a second-line parade, but when you do, it's quite the spectacle! The unique tradition of the Mardi Gras Indians which stretches back into the 19th Century, has become one of the most celebrated in New Orleans. Find out more here:
Guardians of the Flame
Tradition and History of the Mardi Gras Indians

Your one-stop shop for all things New Orleans
...Music that is. The Louisiana Music Factory, located in the French Quarter, is an essential stop on any trip to New Orleans. The Decatur Street shop carries the widest selection of Louisiana and New Orleans Music in the world - on CD, vinyl, and 78s - as well as books, sheet music, and DVDs.
Louisiana Music Factory

Dr. Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris was the fiery New Orleanian blogger who became part of the inspiration for John Goodman's character Creighton Bernette. His righteous rants in the aftermath of Katrina gave voice to the anger so many were feeling at the time about the failure of government to help, and the inability of some people around the country to understand the importance of saving New Orleans. The local blogging community lost one of its strongest voices when he passed away 2 years ago.
Ashley Morris: The Blog

Times Picayune 'Washing Away'
In 2002, the Times-Picayune ran a five-part series called 'Washing Away.' These articles explained in detail what would happen to New Orleans in the event of a major hurricane, and what needed to be done to protect the city from such a catastrophe. Three years later, Katrina came and proved them to be completely right. Read the series here:
Washing Away

Harry Shearer's 'Le Show,' on NPR
Actor, comedian, writer, musician, and part-time New Orleans resident Harry Shearer's NPR program, called 'Le Show,' is a good source of commentary on politics, New Orleans, and anything else its host finds interesting, interspersed with music and comedy.

Dave Bartholomew
Born in 1920 and still going strong, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Dave Bartholomew, is a bona fide New Orleans music legend. Steve Zahn's character Davis McAlary is excited to find the out-of-print set 'Spirit of New Orleans: The Genius of Dave Bartholomew' in Episode 1, and you would be too. In the meantime, find him on iTunes.
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Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello turns up in the audience to watch Kermit Ruffins at Vaughan's in Episode 1. Elvis spent a great deal of time in New Orleans following the disaster, recording with the great Allen Toussaint. The result was 'The River in Reverse,' which was the first album recorded in New Orleans after the storm, and a huge inspiration to the local music community.
'River in Reverse' on iTunes

Want to know more about New Orleans? Check out these links:
'TREME' writer Tom Piazza's 'Why New Orleans Matters' was the first post-Katrina book about what was at stake for the city, and the country, in saving New Orleans. Tom's other novel, 2008's award-winning 'City Of Refuge,' tells the story of two New Orleans families, one black and one white, trying to make their way home after the disaster.
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'Treme' writer Lolis Eric Elie, working with director Dawn Logsdon, wrote and co-produced the award-winning documentary about the history of the Treme neighborhood, titled 'Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans.' It has drawn universal raves for its sensitive and insightful portrayal of this historic neighborhood. Essential viewing for all 'Treme' fans:

NOLA Convention & Visitors Bureau
The Gambit - The Best of New Orleans
NOLA.COM You can find just about anything here.

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