Played by Michiel Huisman


Character Bio

Sonny, a street musician from Amsterdam, dreamed of one day moving to New Orleans and living the musician life. His lack of discipline made familiar demons difficult to shake, but the newlywed Sonny is sober and searching for a way to marry musician life with domestic life.


Michiel Huisman comes to "Treme" from his native Holland where he grew up loving New Orleans jazz.  He is an accomplished musician, writing original songs as well as singing and playing the guitar on his album 'Luchtige Vehalen'.  Michiel began acting at the age of ten in the Netherlands and has extensive film and television credits for which he has won multiple awards.

Film credits include "The Young Victoria" opposite Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, "Black Book" directed by Paul Verhoeven, "Unmade Beds" and the BBC's "Margot" in which he portrays ' Rudolph Nureyev'.

"Treme" marks his first project in the United States.

Huisman is married to Tara Elders and together they have a daughter, Hazel Judith.

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