The Fifth Dimension: Up Up And Away

McNulty buys red ribbon

Lyra: To Tragoudi Xenitias

Greek Diner

? And The Mysterians: 96 Tears

McNulty with woman in bar

Eddie Houston: Away From Home

Wilson & Haynes meet in bar

Markos Vamvakaris: Mi Me Pismatonis

Greek diner

Sterling Silver Starship: Booty Body Ready

Scene 44, Marlo meets with Prop Joe

Salim Nourillah: Don't Be Afraid

Scene 52, McNulty and Gutierrez in coffee shop

Hugh Mundell: Red Gold & Green

Scene 55, Michael and the boys dropped off

Kermit Rufins: When I Die (You Better Second Line)

Haynes & Twigg in bar

Little Junior Parker: Mystery Train

Butchie's bar

Junior Wells: Messin With The Kid

Butchie's back room

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